Dementia Training Updates from the Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance

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Let’s Talk Sex & Dementia

Sexual behavior, needs and desires may change in persons with dementia. Their partner’s may change as well. To process these changes, the couple might need advice. Talking about dementia, sex and intimacy can help. Our Affiliate member, The Arbors of Bedford, is hosting webinars on sexuality and dementia. Join Jane Fleishman, PhD, MEd, MS, CSE forContinue reading “Let’s Talk Sex & Dementia”

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Reading List for Care Givers

Learning about dementia makes care giving easier Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a tough challenge. Plus, many of the most effective care and communication techniques aren’t easily figured out and might even go against our intuition. Not knowing these helpful techniques can cause added frustration and stress for both you and yourContinue reading “Reading List for Care Givers”

Dementia Care: Enhancing Mobility and Reducing Fall Risks

REDUCING RISK OF FALLS FOR PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA People with dementia are four to five times more likely to fall than older people who do not have cognitive impairment. People with dementia fall more often than cognitively healthy older adults, but their risk factors are not well understood.  Teepa Snow has created a one-hour programContinue reading “Dementia Care: Enhancing Mobility and Reducing Fall Risks”

Dementia & ADL’s: Creative Care Technique’s for Caregivers

The folks at Byram are offering a webinar for Case Managers on Creative Care Techniques for managing Dementia and ADLs. This one-hour program has been approved by PACE, the Commission for Case Manager Certification. Thanks to funding from Prevail, the protective hygiene authority, this educational opportunity is being offered free to a larger audience. AllContinue reading “Dementia & ADL’s: Creative Care Technique’s for Caregivers”


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