Module 3

Fundamentals of Person-Centered Dementia Care

Join us to learn what the stages are that a client with Alzheimer’s progresses through during the course of the disease. The abilities and disabilities at each stage are reviewed to assist the caregiver to address strategies to manage a client at each stage. The importance of knowing the life story to effectively care plan and involve the client in person-centered stage-specific activities will be reviewed.

Satisfies state requirement for: Alzheimer’s disease and dementias, person-centered care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, dementia-related behaviors and communication.

Slides and additional handouts available for printing.


Participation is recorded with your successful completion of this short quiz.

Contact your supervisor or the agency’s education department for a paper certificate to indicate your participation in this program. CEUs are only valid by completing the quiz from your supervisor or linked above.

5 thoughts on “Module 3

  1. Very good information and suggestions for caregivers. However, when taking the quiz – one of my answers did not enter properly (question #15 as I indicated that all choices were the correct answer). The flaw in the questions was the wording when referring to ‘middle stage’. Per the FAST Scale Stage there are, starting with Stage 4, EARLY, Middle, Middle-Severe & Late Stage. Questions on the related quiz – questions #8, 9 refer to Middle Stage but there are actually 2 parts of this stage. A bit confusing


    1. Thank you, Christine! Your feedback helps me improve the program’s quizzes. I have rewritten the questions as follows:

      For the majority of patients, how likely is incontinence at some point during the middle and late stages of Alzheimer’s disease?

      According to the information in the webinar, during the middle stage, we can expect people with Alzheimer’s disease to have about how much short-term memory?

      Thank you again for your help!


    1. Thank you for commenting Micheline. It sounds like you might be experiencing a connectivity problem. I will certainly check things on the recording. Thank you.

      It’s possible the WiFi you are using is taking too long to buffer. You could download the video directly from the site or wait for it to buffer completely, then watch it. Alternatively, there are other ways to satisfy the state’s dementia training requirement. Please contact your education director if the webinars aren’t going to work for you.
      Take care,


  2. I did this module 3and took the test but at the end when submitted it wouldn’t complete. i redid it immediately and still wouldn’t go through . today i redid again and this time printed out the test and will bring into the office this week.


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